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Sun Nov 29, 2015
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February 14, 2014
Mrs. Jennifer Bacchus (AMC)

ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- Mariah Armstead and Vivian Henry appeared on The Morning Show Jan. 22 to discuss internal hiring procedures.

"Many employees were inquiring as to why they were not called in for interviews or why they did not come up on the referral list for various vacancies at the depot," said Armstead, the depot's Equal Employment Opportunity Officer.

Both women strongly recommended employees who are considering applying for promotions or other internal transfers work on their résumés.

"Managers need to be able to correlate a résumé with the job duties of the vacancy," said Henry, director of ANAD's Civilian Personnel Advisory Center.

Creating a detailed résumé or several, since the USA Staffing system gives users the ability to create and save as many as five, enables employees to emphasize the skill sets relevant to a specific job.

Henry also recommended employees pay close attention to documents required.

She said employees often only have one chance, at the time they submit their résumé, to submit certifications and other information needed. Failure to upload these documents can result in the applicant not being considered.

Henry said Veteran's preference has also been an issue for employees and, though it is useful to get hired initially at a federal organization, it doesn?'t always assist employees with internal moves or promotions.

"Once you become a federal employee, you and your coworkers are all on your own merit," she said. "Job selection is then based on experience, skill level, certifications and other requirements. All employees are on an equal footing."

CPAC offers a résumé review for all depot employees. For assistance, contact your CPAC representative or call the office at Ext. 7860.