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Because military families move around frequently, increased awareness of community resources will also be a priority.

What we will be doing as Kids Rank Club Members is serving our communities.  We will work on projects for other people that are in need.  This could be helping to provide clothes for the homeless to playing games with chronically ill children. Kid Rank Club Members will help to choose a project and work together as a group to get it done!

Each child has his or her own experience of being a military kid.  Some will have never traveled and only have lived in one place and others may have been all over the world and been enrolled in several different schools.  The thing that they will have in common is that their parent is or has served our country in some manner.  This idea of sacrifice and service is something that military children are doing most times without understanding what it means.  The goal of the Kids Rank Clubs is for them to begin to recognize their strengths.

Program Overview

Kids Rank is an informal educational organization which recognizes the need to enhance children’s’ social and emotional growth.  The Ribbon activities are written to enhance the Common Core Educational Standards passed in 2011 by 46 of the 50 states.  The Goals are listed below for reference purposes.

The Kids Rank Program is delivered through a system of chartered membership clubs established where ever military families reside.  The clubs are led and assisted by trained facilitators who guide the Kids Rank members as they work toward completion of each Program Module and thus earn a Ribbon. The Club format encourages all youth members to make age appropriate decisions when developing and carrying out community service projects focused around the character traits for which they are pursuing specific Ribbons. Activities for each ribbon were created to recognize positive characteristics that children will need in order to meet life’s future challenges.

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