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The University of New Mexico Veterans Resource Center helps military and dependents achieve life goals at ALL higher learning institutions throughout New Mexico with a network of services, academics and outside veteran services.  The Veterans Resource Center is a central location for veterans and their families to understand their benefits.  We help you navigate through the challenges of transitioning from the military to a civilian/academic environment.  Using our extensive network, we can assist you in all aspects of transitioning to help make you successful as you earn your degree.  We will help you determine your eligibility, file for your benefits, transfer credits from the military and other schools, and provide support for the personal needs of veterans and their families.  Our Center is located on the University of New Mexico Main Campus in Albuquerque but we work with Veterans and the Families throughout the state and world.  We can be reached through our Web site and e-mail:  vrc.unm.educ/ or call us at:  505:277/3181/3514.  Click here for more information