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Tue Oct 06, 2015
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Issue Summary

Running Shoe Allowance

Issue Number 507
Status Unattainable
Issue Title Running Shoe Allowance
Scope The formula currently used by the Army to determine the Clothing Replacement Allowance does not take into consideration the need to replace running shoes. To maintain physical fitness, Soldiers are required to participate in physical training, which includes running 3-5 times per week. Worn running shoes increase the potential for injury.
Issue Recommendation Increase Clothing Replacement Allowance to allow for semi-annual replacement of running shoes.
Military Component Active Component
Demographic Group Soldiers
Subject Area Force Support
Geographic Area Universal
Entered AFAP Mar 2002
Final Action Date Jun 2008
Accomplishments The Jun 08 GOSC declared this issue unattainable. The Defense Safety Oversight Council funded a Quad-Service study on the effect of anatomically-specific footwear prescriptions and replacement of worn footwear on lower extremity injuries. The study demonstrated that prescribing shoes on the basis of foot arch height (which is a function of shoe wear and tear) does not reduce injuries. Since there is no cost avoidance by replacing worn footwear, adding running shoes to the CRA could not be justified.
Outstanding Requirement
Submitting Command US Army Material Command
For any questions regarding this issue, please alert the point of contact via email.

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