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Sun Apr 05, 2020
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Issue Summary

Inferior Shipment of Household Goods

Issue Number 307
Status Completed
Issue Title Inferior Shipment of Household Goods
Scope Inferior shipment of household goods for the Total Army Family results in high claims, loss of duty time, and causes large out-of-pocket expenditures.
Issue Recommendation Award contracts for household goods shipments to moving companies based on contractor performance and claims history, as well as cost provide full replacement value for lost/damaged HHGs.
Military Component Active Component
Demographic Group
Subject Area
Geographic Area
Entered AFAP Oct 1991
Final Action Date Jun 2010
Accomplishments Issue recommendations were achieved by migrating from the previous personal property program to the Defense Personal Property Program (worldwide rollout in April 2009). Improvements to the shipment of household goods that DPS provides include: Databases rank contractor performance and claims to determine best value movers; contracts are awarded to only the best value movers based upon their comparative costs that include low bid and claims history; shipments are automatically booked to the top ranked best value movers; full replacement value is paid for lost or damaged household goods.
Outstanding Requirement
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