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Sat Apr 04, 2020
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Issue Summary

Incentives for Reserve Component Military Technicians

Issue Number 483
Status Unattainable
Issue Title Incentives for Reserve Component Military Technicians
Scope All Reserve Component (RC) Soldiers, regardless of civilian employment status, should be entitled to the Selective Reserve Incentive Program (SRIP), to include non-prior service and prior service enlistment, reenlistment, affiliation bonuses, educational loan repayments, and the Montgomery GI Bill Kicker. Military technicians (MT) perform in both a military and civilian capacity; yet, they are not eligible for incentives afforded to other RC members. Incentives received as a Soldier prior to becoming a MT are terminated upon acceptance of a MT position. The policy denies a benefit afforded to other categories of RC Soldiers and, in many cases, places a financial burden on a reservist who takes a civilian position to enhance the readiness of the force.
Issue Recommendation Authorize Military Technicians (civil service personnel who are required to also be reservists) to receive incentives outlined in the Selective Reserve Incentives Program.
Military Component Reserve Component
Demographic Group Soldiers
Subject Area Force Support
Geographic Area Universal
Entered AFAP Nov 2000
Final Action Date Feb 2011
Accomplishments Updated 8 March 2011: Issue was declared unattainable by the Feb 11 AFAP General Officer Steering Committee because the Army does not support changing DOD policy and Army Regulations to allow MTs eligibility for SRIP benefits. An FY06 change to DoDI 1205.21 allows MTs to receive bonuses for reenlistments effected in theater. In FY08, DoD granted authority to cancel recoupment action for Soldiers going into the MT program who had received a bonus. As a result Selected Reserve Soldiers who accept a MT position will still have their enlistment/reenlistment/affiliation bonus terminated, but there will be no recoupment action. In 2010, the Army, G-1 disapproved a USAR request for policy changes to DOD and Army Regulations to allow Military Technicians (MTs) eligibility for Selected Reserve Incentive Program (SRIP) benefits.
Outstanding Requirement
Submitting Command
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