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Sat Aug 19, 2017
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Survivor Outreach Services

Survivor Outreach Services Intro

Our Fallen Warriors have paid the ultimate sacrifice. The Army has a commitment to their Families. Families deserve our respect, gratitude and the very best we can provide. The purpose of SOS is to deliver on that commitment:

  • By providing access to support, information and services
  • Closest location to where the Survivor resides
  • When and for as long as they desire

Please contact IMCOM Headquarters Survivor Outreach Services (via email) or toll free at 1-855-707-2769 for additional information or to provide suggestions as to what you would like to see on this site.

Surviving Families Services

SOS offers support through:

  • Benefits Coordinators. No one is ever fully prepared to lose a loved one, which is why we have Benefits Coordinators. Benefit Coordinators are located at the Casualty Assistance Center and are there to assist and guide you as you make the many decisions necessary following the death of a Soldier. Benefits Coordinators help identify your specific benefits and entitlements and ensure you receive what is legally yours. They assist you in completing paperwork and navigating the various agencies Survivors encounter. Benefits Coordinators remain current on changes in the law and have a wealth of information available to support you during this very difficult time.
  • Financial Counselors. In times of emotional distress, figuring out what to do about finances can create a heavy burden. Survivor Outreach Services Financial Counselors provide professional financial information and services in areas such as investing, estate planning, tax issues and basic budgeting. Our Financial Counselors will be there when you need them, for as long as you need them. They are committed to assisting you in creating your financial security and ensuring you receive the necessary information to make sound financial decisions.
  • Support Coordinators. The Survivor Outreach Services Support Coordinator provides long term support to you and is your link to the Army Family for as long as your desire. Wondering what direction to go in now? Your local Support Coordinator is happy to sit down with you as you journey through this transition by providing direct services as well as information, referrals and recommendations. They can also connect you with support groups, bereavement and financial counselors, as well as help you request copies of documents obtain answers to questions and direct you to additional Survivor resources.


*** If you are looking for more information, please visit:
The Army's official SOS website.

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Helpful Links

Survivor Outreach Services Resources
A Survivor's Guide to Benefits Presidential Memorial Certificates Financial Counseling Services Bookshelf Resources
The Department of Defense takes seriously its obligation to our service members and their families. This guide is intended to aid you as you work through the difficulty and pain of losing a loved one who was serving in the military. Are you, or is someone you know, a loved one of an honorably discharged deceased Veteran? Next of kin and loved ones may receive a Presidential Memorial Certificate (PMC), which is an engraved paper signed by the current President. Did you know that, as a SGLI beneficiary, you may meet with financial planners in your community at no cost to you? There is no limit to the number of sessions that you may have.

"Books are the compasses and telescopes and sextants and charts which other men have prepared to help us navigate the dangerous seas of human life." ~ Jesse Lee Bennett.

Find books recommended for and by survivors.

Learn More... Learn More... Learn More... Learn More...

Executive Order 13473 - What is it?

Executive Order (EO) 13473 - Noncompetitive Appointment of Certain Military Spouses

Are you looking for a job? Maybe EO 13473 will help.

The Authority's intended effect:

  • Facilitate entry of military spouses into the Federal Civil Service.
  • Provide employment access to spouses negatively impacted due to relocation, incapacitation, or death of service members (SM).
  • Recruit and retain skilled and experienced members of the armed forces.
  • Minimize disruption when military families relocate.
  • Recognize and honor SM who are 100% disabled or killed in connection with their service.

Specific guidelines on who can and how to use the Executive Order are provided in the presentation. Click on the link below to access.

Families United Website Changes Name Among Other Changes!

Families United has some big news to share with you. As the organization, which was founded five years ago by military families, moves into another year of service, the board of directors decided to make some improvements:

A New Name and a New Look
Families United is now Military Families United. It may seem like a small change, but it has a big meaning. The new name better represents our organization to the general public, and it sends a strong message: America's military families are standing together to meet the challenges we face.

An Expanded Advocacy Role
We military families have a powerful voice, and Military Families United wants to ensure that those in power are always listening. You deserve to be heard on Capitol Hill, so we are strengthening our advocacy efforts to engage Members of Congress, the Administration, and the general public in constructive dialogue about our brave men and women in uniform and their families.

More Opportunities to Get Involved
We believe that the biggest asset America's military families have is our relationships with each other. Military Families United will continue to help build these connections by continuing our series of unique programs and by providing new opportunities for you to be involved in our mission."

Enter a location in the search box to find services near your area

To Build a unified support program which embraces and reassures Survivors that they are continually linked to the Army Family for as long as they desire.

- Survivor Outreach Services Mission Statement

Travel and Discount Opportunities

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Survivor Outreach Services on Viewpoints!

click here to open SOS blogs The Survivor Outreach Services staff has created a blog for their audience to tap into through Army OneSource Viewpoints! The Army Survivor Outreach Services program ViewPoints! manager will update this blog on a regular basis and post new articles from around the world and events that are put on for, or by, our Survivors. Our staffs goal is to place the most current and up to date information available on this blog, if you know of articles or events that you would like posted please let us know via our blog so we can put them up as soon as possible.

Featured Stories

July 4, 2013
Source: Fort Hood Sentinel

Fort Hood and III Corps have reserved 37 designated parking spaces for use by Families of the fallen at on-post public facilities.

June 27, 2013
Source: Northwest Guardian

Holly’s heart stopped when she looked out of her kitchen window that Friday morning in August 2009. She knew why the two uniformed officers were approaching her front door.

FORT SHAFTER, Hawaii -- A Gold Star mother received a memento symbolizing her son's military service from the unit he served with in Iraq at a ceremony at the Sgt. Evan Parker Memorial Pavilion, here.

More than 400 volunteers from children to adults descended on the grounds of Arlington National Cemetery today for the 16th annual Renewal and Remembrance, to honor the nation's veterans and fallen service members by sprucing up the landmark's grounds.

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