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Fri Aug 18, 2017
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How Can I Stay Safe?

What Should I Do If I Am At Home and Am Being Threatened or Attacked?

  • Stay away from the kitchen (the abuser can find weapons there, such as knives)
  • Stay away from bathrooms, closets or small spaces where abusers can trap you
  • Get to a room with a door or window to escape
  • Get to a room with a phone to call for help; lock the abuser outside if you can
  • Call 911 (or your local emergency number) right away for help
  • Think about a neighbor or friend you can run to for help
  • If a police officer comes, tell him/her what happened; get his/her name and badge number
  • Get medical help if you are hurt
  • Take pictures of bruises or injuries
  • Call a domestic violence program or shelter

What Are Basic Safety Measures I Can Take If I Am In An Abusive Relationship?

  • Have important numbers (i.e. police, hotlines, shelters, friends) accessible to you and your children.
  • If you have children, teach them how to dial 911.
  • Talk to friends or neighbors you trust about the abuse.  Ask them to call the police if they hear angry or violent noises.  Make up a code word that you can use when you need help.
  • Practice ways to get out of your home safely.
  • If there are weapons in the house, think about ways to get them out of the house.
  • Even if you do not plan to leave, think of where you could go, if it becomes necessary.  Think of how you might leave.  Try doing things that get you out of the house - taking out the trash, walking the pet or going to the store.
  • Go over your safety plan often.

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