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Mon Oct 16, 2017
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Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers

BOSS SoldiersSingle Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) was created to support the overall quality of life for single and unaccompanied Soldiers. BOSS supports the chain of command by identifying quality of life issues and concerns, and by providing recommendations for improvement. BOSS encourages and assists single Soldiers in identifying and planning recreational and leisure activities. BOSS also provides an opportunity for single Soldiers to participate in and contribute to their communities.

BOSS provides an avenue for single Soldiers to surface issues and to take part in activities but does not set policy and other guidance on issues. BOSS is intended to enhance command authority, prerogative, and responsibility in maintaining standards of conduct, good order, and discipline, not to dilute.

BOSS' Mission: To enhance the quality of life and morale of single Soldiers, increase Soldier retention, and sustain readiness

BOSS' Vision: Be the advocate for single Soldiers to ensure they have a Quality of Life commensurate with their service

Single Soldiers make up 35% of the Army. BOSS was created in 1989 to meet the recreation needs of these single Soldiers. In 1991, it was expanded to include all aspects of Soldiers' lives: QOL, Recreation and Leisure, and Community Service.

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Core Components of BOSS:

Quality of Life

Recreation and Leisure Activities

Community Service

For single Soldiers, QOL includes those things that Soldiers can directly or indirectly influence to enhance their morale, living environment, or personal growth and development.

QOL issues identified or raised during BOSS meetings will be directed to the appropriate command or staff agency for resolution on the installation.

Activities may be planned by the BOSS committee or by the BOSS committee working in conjunction with other MWR activities. 

Events are planned to meet the needs and desires of the single Soldier. 

The BOSS committee may elect to participate in community programs or projects that make a difference in the lives of others, in the community, and ultimately, in themselves. 

The community service programs are implemented to support of existing or established volunteer programs or programs developed by the BOSS committee.

BOSS Quality of Life BOSS Recreation and Leisure Activities BOSS Community Service


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