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Mon Mar 02, 2015
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Travel & Reporting Early

Travel Days vs Leave Days...
While traveling it is important to understand the difference between leave days and travel days. Travel days are days you are traveling directly to your new installations. On these days you receive a Per Diem to offset food and lodging. You may receive MALT to offset the price of gasoline if driving; or if you are flying, your airline tickets will be paid by the Army.

However, if you are taking leave (to travel, visit Family, etc) you will not receive any entitlements or be reimbursed any expenses for those days. This includes costs associated with traveling to and from your leave destination.

Permissive TDY for House Hunting...
When making a PCS move, you will be authorized a certain number of days to travel based on the distance and mode of transportation. You will be paid per diem (for lodging and meals) only for the travel days, not for any days of leave taken in conjunction with travel.

“Permissive TDY” means there is no transportation or per diem paid, but members are not charged for leave. The “house-hunting” entitlement only applies for members who will not be living in the barracks/dormitories after arrival at the new assignment in CONUS.

Early Reporting...
You may be authorized to report to your gaining unit early. If so, your orders will typically state that early reporting is authorized. If you already have orders that do not reflect early reporting, you may be able to amend them. Check with your Unit S-1 or personnel office for more details.

Visit/Contact Relocation Readiness for:

  • Individual Counseling and
  • Additional support if needed.

  • Call ahead to set up a post office box at your next home, or ask your sponsor to do it for you.



Military OneSource provides an installation program directory that allows you to search for your local Relocation Assistance Program Office.

Click the image below to take you to the MOS Moving page where you can utilize this program directory.

*You may need to scroll down on the page when it loads. The directory is located on the right side about 1/2 way down the page.