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Thu Mar 05, 2015
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Florida Bar approves continuing legal education credit for course, Treating Invisible Wounds of War

Tallahassee, FL – September 9, 2011 – The Florida Bar has accredited up to 8.5 hours of continuing legal education credit for the Treating the Invisible Wounds of War (IWW) on-line training course.

The North Carolina Area Health Education Center (AHEC) and Army OneSource teamed together to support Military Families by educating the legal, medical and other professional communities through the Treating the Invisible Wounds of War (IWW) on-line training program. The IWW courses, which are available at no cost to these professionals, help prepare attorneys and other providers to reach out to the Military and their Families and provide the specialized care they need and deserve.

The courses were developed to build awareness of the culture in which Veterans and their Families live and work. They offer best practices for identifying, assessing, and treating mental health issues that result from the trauma of war.

The accreditation of the Treating the Invisible Wounds of War on-line course now offers the approximately 90,000 attorneys in the State of Florida the opportunity to not only learn about the unique needs of Soldiers and their Families, but to also earn continuing legal education credit .

For more information on the IWW program contact a local Army OneSource Community Support Coordinator at or the North Carolina Area Health Education Center.

About The Florida Bar: The Florida Bar, with more than 90,000 members, is the statewide professional and regulatory organization for lawyers. The Florida Bar serves as an advocate and intermediary for attorneys, the court and the public.

About AHEC: The mission of the North Carolina AHEC Program is to meet the state’s health and health workforce needs by providing educational programs in partnership with academic institutions, health care agencies, and other organizations committed to improving the health of the people of North Carolina.

About Army OneSource: Army OneSource (AOS) is a Secretary of the Army Initiative to provide comprehensive community support and service delivery for Soldiers and their Families regardless of component or geographic location. Through Community Support Coordinators located throughout the US and Pacific, AOS is raising awareness and generating support among the private sector to effectively serve the unique challenges of Military life, including the growing demand for behavioral health, financial, legal and faith-based services.

Utilizing traditional establishments on Military Installations, a Web-based portal, and local community partners, AOS is helping empower Soldiers and their Family Members to be strong, healthy and connected to the best resources wherever they may be.

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Benefits workshop to help service members, vets

A workshop planned for Saturday will provide information to active military personnel and veterans to help connect them to community resources. 

The West Texas Military and Veteran Family Day is scheduled for 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Permian Basin Readiness Center, 9923 Wright Drive. 

The free program is sponsored by the Military Community Partners Coalition, which was founded by the local organization 2-1-1, and is being held in conjunction with Army OneSource, said Juanita Castilleja, 2-1-1 program director. 

"We've identified lots of families and have a lot of connections to veterans. The Permian Basin has a large population, and we'd like to put a face to that target group and let them know that there are people here to help them and services that are available," she said. 

Free workshop sessions will run every half hour until noon, when lunch will be served. The four areas officials have identified most military families are in need of will be the focus of the workshops. Those areas include legal and financial advice, spiritual guidance and behavioral health for counseling, post-traumatic stress disorder and mental health services. 

"We're working hard to connect them to local resources and have a local community connection," Castilleja said. 

Castilleja said the coalition knows of nothing else in the Basin that provides ongoing education for veterans or an avenue where they can network and connect to community resources. 

Officials said that the geographic location of the Permian Basin is a challenge when providing outreach to military and veteran families. Many families are dealing with multiple deployments and separations, an increasing rate of spousal abuse and suicide along with women in combat issues, disabilities and lack of services in health care for military and veterans. 

The purpose of the one-day event is to help provide a bridge to those gaps, coalition officials said. 

Recent changes in benefits and services also will be addressed, and exhibits and booths will be on display all day for attendees to learn more information.

State Call to Actions


California- Provide a safe place where the Family and friends of Service members can come together for support and networking.

Arizona- The legal needs of Arizona Military and Veterans are fully met.

Texas- To strengthen the quality of life among Soldiers and their Families throughout the state of Texas that harness financial, legal, spiritual and behavioral health resources.

Kansas- To ensure resources are readily available to meet the  legal needs of past and present Service members and their Families.

New Mexico- Armed Forces members, past and present, and Family members achieve financial security and quality of life through education, long term employment and the continuity of health and human services referrals in our communities.

Oklahoma- Inspiring Service members and Families to build strong, healthy marriages.


Montana- Provide Montana Military members and their Families the tools and community resources to increase their financial preparedness and economic stability.

Washington- Mobilizing communities to ensure Soldiers and their Families are reintegrating into a safe and supportive society.

Idaho- All Idaho Service members and Families have access to and use coordinated and sustainable mental health programs within their communities.

Wyoming- Foster and enhance the overall well-being and quality of relationships for Service members, Veterans and their Families.

North Dakota- Develop North Dakota Communities which understand and serve Service members, Veterans and their Families.

Colorado- All Military personnel past and present and their Families will have information about, and when necessary, facilitated access to needed behavioral health services and Veteran peer support.

North Central:

Michigan- To Champion sustainable partnerships with faith-based organizations to engage and care for our Service members, Veterans and their Families.

Illinois- Engage reputable financial and educational providers that serve Illinois to deliver proactive and comprehensive financial planning throughout the lifecycle of Service members, Veterans and their Families.

Indiana- Provide Soldiers, Veterans and their Spouse’s preferential training and employment opportunities.

Kentucky- Improve the quality of life for all Service members, Veterans, and their Families across the state of Kentucky by providing access to affordable, competent, and timely legal services.


Georgia- Georgia Soldiers and Family members will experience an improved quality of life with fewer incidences of domestic violence.

South Carolina- Military women in South Carolina will have access to resources that empower them to make informed decisions and recognize their individual strengths to enhance their quality of life.

North Carolina- Military Families in North Carolina will have greater access to affordable legal assistance.

Florida- Service members, Veterans, and their Families will have affordable and timely access to legal and support services

Mississippi- Build an adequately resourced, integrated behavioral health system of care that effectively serves and supports service members and their Families.

Louisiana- Develop trust between agencies and individuals by linking behavioral health services to the Military community, in order to enhance their lives.

Puerto Rico- Expand current resources and services, in terms of geography and outreach throughout Puerto Rico, to improve the quality of life of Soldiers and their Families.

Arkansas- Help Service members and their Families overcome the unique problems/demands associated with Military life by creating partnerships that improve their quality of life.


Virginia- To create a positive, supportive, knowledgeable community that promotes mental health and fosters the self worth, sense of belonging and general well being of Service members and their Families.

Massachusetts- Massachusetts will be a leader in providing a statewide network of empowering support services, resources and providers knowledgeable of Military culture, to past or present Service members, their Families and caregivers, without fear of stigmatization for those accessing assistance.

Army OneSource Partnership Forums

Army OneSource Partnership Forums

Army OneSource Partnership Forums are two-day events designed to build effective, community partnerships to provide comprehensive support for Soldiers and their Families. Individuals from various states, who are already championing support for Service Members in their area, are invited to the Forum to share ideas and recommendations on how to mobilize others to join the efforts. These “State Partners” are supported by AOS Community Support Coordinators who have in-depth knowledge of the state’s military footprint, the specific needs of the Soldiers and Families in their communities, and relationships with key stakeholders throughout their respective state. During the Forum, the State Partners, assisted by AOS Community Support Coordinators, work tirelessly for two days to develop a vision, specific goals and a plan of action to implement programs and services that address the specific needs of Soldiers and their Families in the state. The plans of action address one or more of the four main focus areas that studies show are of greatest need among Soldiers, including behavioral health, finance, legal and faith-based. The team also identifies additional leaders and new partnering organizations, implementation needs, communication methods, and long-term sustainability strategies.

The National Partnership Forum

To date, AOS Partnership Forums have hosted 26 states at 3 regional events. The results of these events have been far reaching and the benefit to Soldiers and their Families invaluable. Starting with an analysis of the specific needs in each state and resulting in effective and meaningful services and support, the Partnership Forum has become a national model for successfully mobilizing communities to support our Service members and their Families.

The National Partnership Forum is an opportunity to showcase the results of the action plans developed during the Partnership Forums and to report on the formalized and sustained progress that is being made in each state. It is also an opportunity to seek guidance and support from leadership in both government and the private sector to both strengthen and advance these efforts on behalf of Soldiers and their Families.