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Wed Aug 12, 2020
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Do you want to become an AFTB Core Instructor?

Everywhere AFTB travels, people are interested in the process to become a Core Instructor. The following is an explanation of that process.

Once it is determined that there is a need to recruit new Core Instructors, a memorandum is sent to the Region/MACOMs providing the criteria and the deadline for candidates to apply. The Regions/MACOMs disseminate this information to local AFTB Program Managers who "put the word out" to local Master Trainers who may be interested in applying.

The basic criteria for nomination is that the candidate:

• Must have attended Master Training at least one year prior to the New Core Training date and completed at least one-year as an “active” Master Trainer at the local level.

• Must possess good platform and facilitation skills.

• Must be experienced and comfortable presenting in front of groups of 40-50 people.

• Must be familiar with Levels I, II and III of AFTB instruction and how AFTB can benefit their community and/or component.

• Must adhere to the standardization of the program and its materials.

• Must demonstrate an understanding of the concepts presented in the lesson plans and the ability to convert scripted lessons into personalized lesson plans.

• Must be able to process practical exercises and handout material.

• Must be a team player, be flexible and reliable, and must believe that “change” can be a good thing.

• Must be available to go TDY for a period of 10 days at least once a year to conduct AFTB training.

• Must submit the completed application form and video by the deadline.

• Must be registered in the Master Trainer Tracking system as an Active Master Trainer.

The candidates nominated from their local programs must then submit an application packet containing the following items:

Application Form:

Personal Information

Applicant Signature

Staff Endorsement Signature

Command Endorsement Signature

A copy of the Applicant’s Master Trainer Certificate

Two references with commercial telephone numbers

Solid Responses to questions

Teaching Video (15-20 minutes in length) which must include the following:

Excerpt from one of the Levels I, II or III classes

An introduction/opening


Presentation Skills to include:

Platform Presence

Interaction with students


Content Mastery

A Closing

All packets must be forwarded through Region/MACOM POCs. Once the completed applications are received, the packets are prepared for a multi-pronged system of judging that includes review by Senior Spouses, DA AFTB Staff, Senior Core Instructors, Candidate and Reference interviews, and Video scoring. All areas are scored on a point system, compiled, and tallied. The candidates with the top scores (based on a pre-determined range of the number of Core to be selected) are invited to attend Core Training as New Core Candidates. After selection and certification, new Core Instructors must commit to serve for a two-year period and must be available to teach at a minimum of one DA-sponsored AFTB training per year.

The nomination and selection processes are thorough and complex. However, it is a fair system developed to guarantee the continuation of the high quality instruction for which Army Family Team Building is known!

For additional information contact your local AFTB Program Manager.