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Mon May 02, 2016
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PHOTO CAPTION:  Sabrina Kim, Monica Neely, and Chelsea Cooper pose for the camera while taking part in the Camp Humphreys Youth Sports Invitational Swim Meet. All three swimmers travelled from Yongsan, to compete in the event with other teams from across Korea.

July 25, 2013
By Cpl. Ma, Jae Sang
USAG Humphreys Public Affairs Office

Boys 13--15: 1st place: Seth Markowskiy, Osan Air Base; 2nd place: Joshua Lee, USAG Yongsan; 3rd place: Gavin Kim, Osan Air Base.

Girls 13--15: 1st place: Stephanie Choe, USAG Yongsan; 2nd place: Eun jo Kim, from USAG Yongsan; 3rd place: Sophia Walsh, USAG Humphreys.

Boys 11--12: 1st place: Cole Dudley, USAG Yongsan; 2nd place: Andrew Hutchins, Osan Air Base; 3rd place: William Fricke, Osan Air Base.

Girls 11--12: 1st place: Kennedy Davis, USAG Yongsan; 2nd place: Sarah Morris, USAG Yongsan; 3rd place: Kai-Li, Osan Air Base & Grace Kim, USAG Yongsan. (tied with 16 points each)

Boys 9--10: 1st place: Brian Choe, USAG Yongsan; 2nd place: Enrique Oti, Osan Air Base; 3rd place: Same Houston, USAG Yongsan.

Girls 9--10: 1st place: Rayli Markowski, Osan Air Base; 2nd place: Alexia Sumpter, Osan Air Base; 3rd place: Megan Schlak, Hannah Balettie, and Bever Haley Davidson, Osan Air Base. (tied with 19 points each)

Boys 5--8: 1st place: Carter Lindsey, USAG Yongsan; 2nd place: Joshua Cook, USAG Yongsan; 3rd place: Joshua Hansen, USAG Yongsan.

Girls 5--8: 1st place: Kaidence Sampsel and Anna Dunnagan, USAG Yongsan (tied for first place); 3rd place: Anna Piccone, USAG Daegu.