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Fri Sep 18, 2020
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Family Advocacy Program (FAP)

What is it?

The Army FAP was established to help prevent domestic violence, child abuse, and neglect by providing a variety of services to strengthen Army Families and enhance resiliency.

What has the Army done?

The Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Fatality Review required by the Department of Defense mandates that military departments conduct a review of fatalities known or suspected to have resulted from domestic violence and child abuse.

The New Parent Support Home Visitation Program is an intensive home visitation program to prevent child maltreatment and/or Family violence. The target population is parents of children from birth to 36 months who are deemed at risk for child abuse/neglect.

The Transitional Compensation Program provides support to victims of abuse during their transition from military to civilian life when the sponsor is separated from active duty as a result of a dependent-abuse offense. Soldiers receive payments for a minimum of 12 months or until what would have been the Soldiers end of obligated service, whichever is greater, but may not exceed 36 months. The current monthly rate is $1091 for the spouse and $271 for each eligible child residing with the spouse.

Victim advocacy is an integral part of the Army FAP. Victim advocates provide 24/7 crisis intervention, safety planning, information, and referral on civilian and military resources to victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault.

The Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) program ensures that victims of sexual assault are treated with dignity and respect and are not revictimized for disclosing an assault. A Sexual Assault Response Coordinator is designated at each installation. The SHARP Program Web site is

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?

Continued emphasis on all Family Advocacy Programs ensures the Army's commitment to preventing domestic violence, child abuse, and neglect. Specifically, outcomes from the Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Fatality Review assist in formulating lessons learned, as well as identifying trends and patterns that aid in developing policy recommendations for earlier and more effective prevention and intervention.

Why is this important to the Army?

The FAP contributes to force readiness and mission accomplishment by providing a resource for commanders and families to use for the prevention and treatment of family violence. With quality of life as one of its overarching goals, today's Army is dedicated to ensuring that Soldiers and their Families have ample opportunities for assistance with interpersonal and Family issues. The FAP also supports the Army's retention efforts by ensuring that Soldiers and their Families are better able to effectively address the demands the Army places on them.