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Transitions in military service – call to active duty, relocation or other events – can be challenging. Service members presented with such a transition while in mental health treatment may need extra resources. 

A deployment is a life change –it is moment in time that changes the map of a Service members life, and the lives of his/her family.  It is a transition.  When a Service member and their family up-roots from their home, their community, their schools, and their friends to move to another Post, this is also a life changing moment. 

When transitions like this occur –it’s important to help make sure our nation’s Service members have the right support systems in place.

A critical transition support system is one that ensures an easy handoff for medical treatment and care related to psychological and behavioral health.   For those receiving treatment for psychological health concerns, the inTransition Coaching and Support Program offers support as they move between health care systems or providers.