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On the shores of Big Carr Lake, in the heart of The Northwoods, there is a haven with a Mission to provide rest, relaxation, recuperation and rehabilitation to Wisconsin veterans of all ages, active duty military service members and their families.  Camp serves those who have a physical or psychological medical condition, any and all types of service and non-service related illnesses, injuries or disabilities.

Camp is also a place for family reintegration and support following a service member's deployment.  Families and children are welcome, as our goal is to help families get back together, reconnect and bond.  Camp will help the whole family heal.  Camp also welcomes survivor families of the fallen, to assist them with their grief, remembrance and healing.  Family is defined as a service member's spouse and their minor age, dependent children.

For More Information Contact: Kevin Moshea at: (715) 277-2510 or

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