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Do you need someone to talk with? Professional Consultants are available to discuss life issues.

Available to Military, Family Members (adults and children) and Civilian Staff.
The Military and Family Life Consultant Program provides brief consultation, supportive services and problem
solving to assist troops, families and civilian personnel to cope with the stress of deployment, reunion and
reintegration. The clinical providers conduct individual, couples, family and group meetings to address
relationships, stress/anger management, depression, grief issues, occupational and family issues.
Sessions are private* and short term. Meetings can be scheduled off post.

For information contact:
Office of Family Programs Soldier Readiness Center:
800-237-2850 x1341
812-526-1341 Briefing Section Bldg. 230
812-526-1499 x2236

To schedule an appointment directly with a Military and Family Life Consultant:
Camp Atterbury Bldg. 230
*Exception: Consultants have a mandatory duty to warn when there is a perceived threat of harm to self or others.