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Seminar Aims at Preparing Legal Professionals to Better Serve Service Members

Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans, El Paso Lawyers for Patriots, and Army OneSource have joined forces to support Military Families by educating the legal community on unique legal issues affecting Retirees, Veterans, Service Members and their Families. The seminar will take place on May 20th & 21st at Fort Bliss (El Paso), Texas and is available to all legal and other-related professionals. This seminar is designed to help prepare legal professionals and others to reach out to the Military and their Families and provide the specialized services they need and deserve.

This partnership is in direct alignment with the national initiative called “Joining Forces,” announced this month by first lady Michelle Obama. The “Joining Forces” initiative is designed to energize the private sector to effectively reach out and support Military Families.

For more information on the El Paso Lawyers – Army OneSource legal seminar, contact your local Army OneSource Community Support Coordinator at or El Paso Lawyers for Veterans, at or

About Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans (TLTV): Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans is a new State Bar of Texas committee established by State Bar President Terry Tottenham to develop and assist pro bono legal clinics throughout the state for military veterans and their families who otherwise cannot afford or do not have access to legal services they need and deserve. El Paso Lawyers for Patriots (EPLP), initiated by El Paso Bar Association President Carlos E. Cárdenas, is the El Paso extension of the state program. President Cardenas appointed former Family Court Judge Donald L. Williams to represent the El Paso Bar Association on the State Committee and to Chair the El Paso for Patriots Program.

About El Paso Lawyers for Patriots: El Paso Lawyers for Patriots has a two-pronged mission: 1) To develop a coordinated network of El Paso lawyers to assist veterans and active duty military and their families who otherwise could not afford or don’t have access to legal services through the El Paso Bar Association, other local bars, similar entities and veterans service providers; and 2) To assist the justice system by helping meet the mental health needs of combat veterans and active military personnel who find their conduct can be attributed directly to post traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries or other mental diseases and disorders as a result of military service.

About Army OneSource: Army OneSource (AOS) is a Department of the Army initiative to provide comprehensive community support and service delivery to Service Members and their Families regardless of component or geographic location. Through Community Support Coordinators located throughout the US, AOS is raising awareness and generating support among the private sector to effectively serve the unique challenges of Military life, including the growing demand for behavioral health, financial, legal and faith-based services. Utilizing traditional establishments on installations, a Web-based portal, community partners, and other government organizations in the local community, AOS is helping empower Soldiers and their Family Members to be strong, healthy and capable of caring for themselves wherever they may be. Visit