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Washington, DC - As federal funds from the new $78B GI Bill begin to circulate in college campuses, military veterans are weighing their education options. A recent survey indicates these prospective students are looking beyond terms such as "military friendly" for more meaningful indicators of a school's commitment to help educate veterans.

The survey, conducted by the GI Bill Hub and Military MBA, gauged the opinions of veterans toward terms used by schools to describe their programs. Military veterans around the country offered the following advice for perspective students:

  • When asked if the term "military friendly" provided a meaningful indicator that could be used to make a good decision about a school, the majority of respondents (52.2 percent) said it provided no meaningful value. The remaining 48 percent could not agree on what it meant to be "military friendly".
  • 69.5 percent of respondents felt "military friendly" schools and lists were overused.
  • 85 percent said they would not enroll in a university that advertised its "military friendly" status.

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