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Thu Sep 29, 2016
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Saving for the future takes discipline and patience, no matter how humble or lofty one's goals. Having already faced the financial hardships of starting a family and establishing a home, leaders can share encouraging information to help soldiers understand that saving is a lifelong experience that is both rewarding and smart. Keep an open dialogue with soldiers about their financial situations and share these suggestions:

  • Always set money aside for savings and put it into an interest-earning account.
  • The longer it sits, the larger it will grow - even if it's only $25 a month.
  • Put loose change in a jar instead of spending it. A few coins a day can add up to
    $100 or more in six months.
  • Scrimp on everything for one month. Save what isn't spent.
  • Remember that "want" doesn't mean "need." Before buying, ask such questions as "How much will I want this item next week?" and "Will I have to buy something to replace it in the near future?"
  • Take advantage of such military benefits as the commissary, post exchange, thrift shop, tuition assistance, health care, recreation centers and movie theaters.
  • Use the Consumer Affairs and Financial Assistance Program. CAFAP counselors can help soldiers make wise choices and offer information about local businesses.
  • Use Consumer Reports. It provides ratings on products and consumer services, and announces product recalls. Consumer Reports is available in most libraries and can be accessed online at