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(NECN: Katie Davis - Quincy, Mass.) - There's new help for Massachusetts service members and their families, as the Bay State pauses to thank them on this Veterans Day. 

Gov. Deval Patrick thanked Finn and other veterans Wednesday morning. “You honor us with your presence and your service, and we are gathered here today to thank you for that,” Patrick said. 

In the afternoon, Patrick signed a bill into law expanding benefits for veterans across the state. 

"It's great to be able to sign it on veterans day, in the presence of so many veterans who exemplify the sense of service and sacrifice that we all honor today,” said Patrick. 

Massachusetts already has some of the most generous veterans’ benefits in the nation. This new bill expands current programs and adds new ones to help veterans find jobs and get state contracts. 

Bay State veterans can already claim a $1000 "welcome home" bonus when they return from overseas. 

Under the new law, they're entitled to another $500 for each additional tour.