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by Stacy Malone

Even the world of military finance has acronyms. Understanding one in particular can be very beneficial to your family. LES means Leave and Earnings Statement. In non-"militaryease," that means a pay stub. This has vital information to be aware of. As a military spouse you probably know it is important to be prepared, so it may be a good thing to know the basics of an LES.

I had been married for a few years when my husband came home with orders hot off the press. He was joining many other Americans called to Desert Shield. In the ton of paperwork to fill out, he handed me this piece of paper that (like all the other government papers seemed to me) had lots of stuff written on it that I did not understand. It was of course his LES. I did not understand why he was suddenly teaching me how to read his pay stub. I mean, if I were going out of town I didn’t have an urge to run home and show him my pay stub, “Hey honey...look at this Federal withholding, and how about that Social Security?”

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