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Raise Your PTSD Awareness

People with PTSD - whether they are civilians or military - are our neighbors, friends and co-workers. Be prepared to help them.

In honor of PTSD Awareness Day – June 27th:

  • Take just 5 minutes and visit to learn something new about PTSD.
  • Visit our Raise PTSD Awareness section to learn how you can help. Each week, meet a different Veteran who talks about living with PTSD and how treatment turned his/her life around.

How much do you know about trauma and PTSD?

TRUE or FALSE? Test yourself:

  1. Up to 25% of US adults go through trauma in their lifetime.
  2. PTSD is curable.
  3. Since returning from war in Iraq, my friend has nightmares about when she was there. She has PTSD.
  4. Screening positive for PTSD means you need treatment.


  1. False. During their life 50-60% of US adults will experience at least one trauma. How common is PTSD?
  2. True. We now have effective PTSD treatments that work for most people, improving their symptoms and changing their lives.
  3. False. Nightmares are common following trauma. If symptoms affect her day to day life or don't fade over time, she should be assessed for PTSD. (11–20% of recent Veterans have PTSD).
  4. False. A screen is a list of questions to tell if you might have PTSD. Screening positive for something means you should be evaluated further by a professional. How is PTSD Measured?

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about PTSD.  Visit for more information.