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Employment Readiness Program
What is the Employment Readiness Program [ERP]?

The Fort Jackson Employment Readiness Program provides information and referral services in the areas of employment, education, training, transition, and volunteer opportunities to give family members the competitive edge needed to secure employment.

The Employment Readiness offers a wide range of services to include resume development, local job market research, home business opportunities, on-and-off job listings, career counseling, internet access and a resource library. The Employment Readiness also offers a variety of workshops and individual training sessions.

The Employment Readiness Program office operates as "your office" while you are developing your job search campaign. We want you to feel welcome, make yourself "at home" and use the facilities at Army Community Service. The Fort Jackson Employment Readiness office is located on the first floor in the Strom Thurmond Building. Computers, typewriters, fax machine and employment resource books are available for clients use in preparing a resume, cover letter, and on-line job search. Employment Readiness office keeps up to date job announcements in Job Bank Books.

Employment Readiness Services

  • Resource Information
  • Internet Access
  • Local Job Market Research
  • Local Job Information & Vacancies
  • Area Professional & Trade Associations
  • Job Re-entry Center Information
  • Temporary Employment Agencies
  • Home Business Opportunities
  • Centralized Job Bank
  • Job Application Assistance
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Resume Development
  • Career Counseling Assistance
  • Education Resources
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Resource Library
  • Federal Employment Information
  • Employment Workshops
  • Job Fair

ACS Employment Readiness Program Training Schedule