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Camp Atterbury B.O.S.S. Program

Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (B.O.S.S.) is made up of three different core components.  Well Being, Community Service and Recreation and Leisure activities. B.O.S.S. gives the single soldier a voice to help improve their daily life and the ability to get involved with the community.  The B.O.S.S. program also is an excellent way of getting the attention of the Chain of Command by bringing up important issues. The B.O.S.S. program is not a substitute for the Chain of Command.

Mission Statement
Enhance the QOL for the single soldier on Camp Atterbury.
Creating events, bringing issues to the Chain of Command and involving the soldier into the community will the B.O.S.S. program at Camp Atterbury to improve the daily life of the single soldier.

In 1989 the BOSS Program was established to respond to the recreational/leisure needs of the single soldier. As the BOSS program was implemented Quality of Life issues arose along with recreation and leisure needs. In 1991, the Army Chief of Staff expanded the BOSS program to all areas of the single soldiers’ life.Later, the voice of the single soldiers indicated a desire to be a part of the community support, which became another component of the BOSS program.

Quality of Life
Includes things that can enhance their morale, living environment or personal growth and development. QOL issues identified or raised during BOSS meetings will be directed to the appropriate command or staff agency for the resolution on the installation.

Recreation Leisure
Activities that may be planned by the BOSS committee or in conjunction with other MWR activities.