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The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program is broken down into 3 main phases: before, during, and after deployment events. The following links go into detail about what occurs at each event, what to expect at each event, and who should attend.

Reintegration definition, purpose, and mission:

  • Definition: Reintegration is the transition of deployed service member-Citizen Soldiers back into Citizen Soldiers.
  • Purpose: The purpose of reintegration is to successfully return Service members to their family, work, school, and community life.
  • Mission: The MSARNG will train and provide resources for every mobilizing MSNG service member and their family for a safe, healthy and successful reintegration into their family, community, school, and job following deployment.

This will be done in 3 phases: Pre-Mobilization, Mobilization, and De-Mobilization.