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Army OneSource is proud to announce a community outreach effort to raise awareness of the unique financial challenges faced by our Service Members and their Families as a result of deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan.

This effort is in response to the rising national concern regarding the growing number of Service Members who are having difficulty managing their personal finances as a result of fulfilling their Military duties to our country.

Over 1.6 million men and women have served in Iraq and Afghanistan to date. The majority of them are under 26 years old, and approximately half of them have dependents at home. Service Members are sent out on as many as four deployments, and those deployments are generally longer in duration than in past Military conflicts. Half of our active duty Military personnel are civilians (e.g., Reservists and National Guard), whose Families do not have access to all of the direct assistance provided on Military Installations.

Financial difficulties of Service Members also impact the ability of our Military Force to carry out its missions. These issues consume considerable amounts of time of Military leadership and negatively impact the morale and overall operational readiness of individual Units. Financial issues also affect Family Members left behind at home who have to take on additional responsibilities, and sometimes added expenses such as child care or simple home or auto repairs, that were formerly taken care of by the Service Member.

Income often fluctuates throughout the deployment cycle, particularly during deployment to dangerous areas, making it difficult to maintain consistency in managing personal finances.

Through the AOS Building Awareness Campaign — Financial Focus Area, Army OneSource is enlisting the assistance of financial institutions and professional associations across the country to get the word out and connect Service Members and their Families with educational programs and other financial assistance they desperately need. Opportunities to participate include presentations to raise awareness of the needs and available programs and services, as well as resources to reach out directly to Service Members and their Families in the local community.

If you would like to learn more about this campaign and how your organization can become involved, or if you are a Service Member or Family in need of assistance, contact the Army OneSource Community Service Coordinator (CSC) in your area.

Please contact your Community Support Coordinator for more information.