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The 1st Infantry Division, U.S. Army Garrison Fort Riley and the Fort Riley Medical Activity have teamed up to expand the post’s AtHoc notification software package. This expansion is a first for any Army installation.

Until recently, only certain computer users on the local Fort Riley network have been able to receive desktop pop-up alerts on their computers at work. The recent upgrades have expanded the reach of these desktop alerts to include the entire MEDDAC network. This includes Irwin Army Community Hospital and all medical and dental clinics on Fort Riley.

Schools and other partner organizations on Fort Riley will have the AtHoc client software installed on their networks as well. The goal is to reach every work computer on post across various networks.

One important new feature allows the Division Fort Riley Operations Center to send SMS text messages to cell phone users, both on and off post. This is significant because the system can reach people inside their homes in the event of extreme severe weather.

While the installation has a comprehensive network of tornado and giant voice towers, these resources are only designed to be heard outside.

Now that this new capability for SMS texting is in place, it is important that all Soldiers, civilians and contractors set up an account to alert themselves and their Families in the event of crises – extreme severe weather, tornados or a chemical spill, for example. Since sending and receiving text messages incurs costs for both Fort Riley and the recipient, text messages will only be used for urgent messages and not routine notifications. The system has the ability to target alerts to specific Picerne neighborhoods, units and zip codes.

Soldiers and personnel who have a CAC card, but do not have a computer LAN account can set up their AtHoc account in two different ways.

1. Go to unit personnel office for assistance.

2. Go to any of the following locations and use the AtHoc Kiosk laptop computer to set up an account:

• 1st Inf. Div. and Fort Riley Replacement Company, Building 208

• In-processing, Building 210

• ID Card Center, Building 212

• SRP Site, Building 7673

• ACS, Building 7264

Spouses and Family members who need to update or set up an account and whose sponsor is unable to set up the account with his or her CAC card due to deployment, should contact their sponsor’s unit for verification.