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Sun Mar 29, 2015
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A great way of ensuring your bills get paid, no matter where you are on the globe is an allotment. Learn how to set up allotments to pay bills and other payments while you are at sea, including making electronic payments, having checks issued, and setting them up for definite or indefinite periods, even after retirement.

Are You Ready to Separate?

Fort Monroe launches DoD's web-based customer comment system, ICE: Interactive Customer Evaluation, to evaluate services and activities in their military community.

This article is about reservists being called to active duty, reserve pay and benefits, active-duty special work (ADSW), housing and subsistence allowance, travel pay, commissary, and medical and dental benefits. Mentions the drilling reserve, civilian employees, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA), and Per Diem Committee.

This article explains the acronyms on the Army Leave and Earnings Statement.

Military pay can seem complicated, full of entitlements and allotments. Learn about the items on the Leave and Earning Statement (LES), including tax deductions, entitlements, and allowances for housing (BAH) and subsistence (BAS); pay grades, reserve pay (modified by time in service), sea duty and career sea pay (CSP), extra pay for hazardous duty, hostile fire, and imminent danger; leave and vacation, and commissary and exchange savings.