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Fri Jan 20, 2017
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Frequently asked questions about SITES

Frequently asked questions about SITES

Source: Army Family Publication

Who can use SITES?

SITES is for all soldiers: married and single. It’s for family members and DA civilian employees – anyone in Department of the Army who is subject to moves and relocations. In fact, SITES is for all service members and civilian employees of the military services.

Some soldiers and civilians don’t have a personal computer at home? How do they access SITES?

Every military library in the United States and overseas has the SITES program on a compact disc for on-site use. The relocation assistance manager at the Army Community Service office on each installation also has access to SITES on CD or on the Internet. There are military and civilian libraries with computer access to the Internet, and some installations have computers in MWR community activity centers as "cyber cafes."

When soldiers receive orders for a PCS move, what’s the first thing they should do?

They should contact their unit’s ACS coordinator who will refer them to the installation ACS office and the Relocation Assistance Program. If there is no ACS unit coordinator, soldiers should go directly to the ACS office and ask for the relocation assistance manager.

Is there anything in writing -- like on their orders -- that tells soldiers where to look on the Internet for SITES?

Not at the moment, but we are working on marketing initiatives that include ways to alert soldiers to SITES on the Internet. Our focus is to get the young troops, particularly the first termers, to use ACS and the Relocation Assistance Program.

What is the Internet address?

The address is

What kind of information will users find on SITES?

Users will find information on practically every issue affecting the relocation process. There are 10 categories:

-- Installation (history, mission, units, PX, commissary)

-- Local Community

-- Education (schools, colleges, adult education)

-- Employment

-- Medical and Dental (civilian and military hospitals/clinics)

-- Relocation Services

-- Housing (on-post/off-post)

-- Support Services (Better Opportunities of Single Soldiers, social services, financial assistance/consumer affairs, chaplain services)

-- Child and Teen Services (child care, youth services)

-- Survival Tips for First-Termers

Doesn’t it take a while to navigate through all that? How does someone find the most important basic information like the school calendar or how to register your privately owned vehicle?

In the near future, we will have a "Must Know" subject area that is one of the first things the user sees on the screen after calling up a particular SITES file. They will find everything they need to know ahead of time to make their relocation as hassle-free as possible. For example: the school calendar, important documents to hand-carry, reporting in procedures, cost of living information, and motor vehicle registration information. We want to make it so users don’t have to navigate through all the categories to find that kind of critical information.

How detailed is the information on recreation and leisure? Can you find out what special events are happening, like concerts or sporting events?

Right now there is a lot of information on these subjects in the SITES files. But this will change radically in the future as we focus more narrowly only on information related to the relocation process. When SITES was first established, it was the only automated source of information. It became not only a relocation tool, but also a resource. Now that more and more installations, civilian communities, and local morale, welfare, and recreation divisions are creating their own home pages, we are working to provide links to those web sites. SITES is also linked to other Army home pages such as the assistant chief of staff for installation management housing web site, the Army MWR home page, and others.

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