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Sat Jan 21, 2017
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Housing relocation assistance can save $$$

Housing relocation assistance can save $$$

Source: Army Family Publication

Decrease the stress and the financial burden associated with a permanent change of station (PCS) by taking advantage of Army housing relocation assistance.

The computerized service is available to Army families during a PCS from the Community Homefinding, Relocation and Referral Services (CHRRS) offices at Army installations worldwide.

The program, called Housing Relocation Assistance Program, includes PCSHOUSE Express and a Home Purchase Estimate Program.

PCSHOUSE EXPRESS contains on- and off-post housing information, important telephone numbers, as well as pertinent information concerning the installation and surrounding civilian communities.

The Home Purchase Estimate Program enables counselors and soldiers, based on personal financial information, to estimate a loan amount for which a soldier might qualify (it does not provide loan qualification). Trained counselors also assist with a whole range of home-buying procedures.

Other services offered by the CHRRS staff include counseling on property management for soldiers and families who wish to retain their property; assistance to locate suitable rental property; landlord-tenant mediation, just to name a few.

Traditional housing services can cost Army families up to thousands of dollars to use. But CHRRS services are free and are there to help families through the turbulence of a PCS.

For more information, contact the CHRRS office on your installation. Also, check out their home page, which you can access at (

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