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Sat Jan 21, 2017
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Helpful Moving Tips - Moving With Children - Small Children and Infants

Helpful Moving Tips - Moving With Children - Small Children and Infants

Source: Standard Installation Topic Exchange System (SITES) for LIFELines

    It is important to be watchful of the little ones during relocation. Very young children are: 

    • Adaptable 

    • Very sensitive to a disruption in their routines 

    • Sensitive to changes in perceived stress of their parents

    While the packing and unpacking are in progress:

    • Have a sitter or close friend attend to the infants or younger children. 

    • Avoid having young children under foot on moving day. 

    • Be sure to keep the favorite blanket and a few toys separated to take with you.

    For infants:

    • Keep baby food and bottles in your own carry-on or handy in the car. 

    • You may need baby towels, an extra blanket, clothes, other food, some toys, etc. 

    • Be sure to take an ample supply of bottles and diapers to keep the baby comfortable. 

    • Make sure temperature is neither too hot nor too cold. 

    • Make sure infant has plenty of room to sleep. 

    • Check infant and child seats to be sure that they are appropriate (remove fit) for the size of the child.

    For toddlers: 

    • Take enough toys, books and games to keep toddlers happy and entertained. 

    • DVDs/CDs/tape players with "read me a book" tapes can be very helpful.

    • Have healthy snacks readily available.

    Care, feeding, and resting: 

    • Keep babies and little children on a schedule that approximates their usual eating, nap and bedtime schedule. 

    • Be sure that they get balanced meals and enough rest. 

    • Keep children moving. Exercise is important. 

    • Choose mealtime places with special accommodations for children to run and play. Try to find hotels with swimming pools and playrooms and restaurants that cater to children.

    Include your children in your plans for the new area:

    • For toddlers show them pictures of their new home. 

    • Teach them to say the name of their new town and some interesting facts such as there’s a children's museum, or a zoo. 

    • Allow the child to select 1 or 2 toys, stuffed animals, books, etc. that he/she especially likes.

    Help them fit in: 

    • Young toddlers feel more at home if they have some playmates. 

    • Help them to find children of their own age in the neighborhood. 

    • Make use of the child development programs and resources on your installation. They can advise on "child-friendly" places, playgroups, and childcare and supply information to help children adjust.

    Helpful Web Sites:

    1. ZERO TO THREE A non-profit organization; this site promotes the well being and development of children by providing various resources and links designed to educate parents.

    2. Child Care Aware Geared to the working parent this site helps you find quality childcare in your area.

    3. Child Care This site was designed to better inform individuals about the benefits of the government child care program.

    4. Healthy Parenting Provides military specific parenting resources including access to Family Advocacy Program, chaplains' programs, and medical clinics.

    5. Directory of Child Development Centers Provides statistical and other helpful information on child care centers to members of the military community.
    National Network for Child Care Understanding Children’s behaviors when in the process of moving to a new home.

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