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Sat Jan 21, 2017
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Coping with Mobilization, Deployments, and Separation - Tips for the Service Member

Coping with Mobilization, Deployments, and Separation - Tips for the Service Member

Source: By Standard Installation Topic Exchange System (SITES) for LIFELines

· Make sure your family understands the reason for the separation. Sit everyone down and talk to them. Assure them of your love and support. · Prepare a family care plan and/or update and ensure it is included in your personnel record. · Prepare a calendar for your time away. Record your departure date and your estimated return date. In between, list birthdays, anniversaries, graduations etc. Attach a copy of emergency information data for parents, spouse, family members, or other key individuals. Take a copy with you and leave one on the refrigerator. · Be certain that your military pay, military personnel and personal family records are in order. · Make sure your spouse, your older teenagers or other key individuals are aware of your financial system; allotments, bills, checkbook, lock boxes, bonds, insurance, etc. · Verify checking, savings account information ensure appropriate individual[s] are listed on accounts. · Ensure that you have all the contact information for mortgage companies, landlord, banks, credit cards, insurances, utility companies, etc. · Be sure that key individuals know whereabouts of important documents: passports, insurance, titles, wills, tax information, marriage and birth certificates, etc. · Be sure that all ID cards are valid; register or update information on all eligible family members in DEERS and TRICARE programs. · Check automobiles to make certain that: · All are in good operating condition. · All registrations, tags, and licenses are current and that family members know where they are kept. · All are registered properly on the installation and stickers are current. · Obtain a power of attorney for your spouse or other key individuals for childcare, medical, and business matters. · Discuss and have in place an emergency plan and intervention. · Discuss how you will communicate with family members and others. Related Topics in Your Installation's Information: · Under Location: Vehicle Regulations · Under Family Issues: Deployment, Legal Assistance, and Emergency Assistance Helpful Web Sites: 1. Deployment Link Provides many links such as family team building and military readiness to help service members and their families deal with the stresses of deployment. 2. Air Force Crossroads Family Readiness and Family Separation Numerous links for members and their families who are separated due to deployments, remote assignments, extended TDYs, natural disasters, and professional military education requirements. 3. DoD Deployment Connections discusses every aspect of preparation for deployment and reunion for service and family members.

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