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Fri Jan 20, 2017
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USAREUR Plan Ensures Returning Troops Won’t Be Rushed Back to Work

USAREUR Plan Ensures Returning Troops Won’t Be Rushed Back to Work

Source: By Rick Scavetta, Stars and Stripes December 30, 2003

          Soldiers returning from deployment will not be back to work for 45 days under the Army plan to reintegrate soldiers to family and community life.  The first 7 days back they will work only half of the day and after that part time schedule they will have a month’s leave.

          The part time schedule will provide the Soldiers with medical care, financial information and allow the Army to monitor their reintegration.

          Those who served in a war zone will be eligible for a month’s leave if they were deployed for a year and two weeks of leave if they were gone for six months. 

          After returning from leave there will be a 45 day period to reintegrate and that time may be used for medical appointment or issues and counseling.  It will be three months before the Soldiers will return to maintenance or training requirements.  By the 270th day the units will go for field training. 

          This plan is designed to rebuild the unit’s combat strength within 6 months taking into account personal needs of the soldiers. 

          The Army is using the lessons learned from the first Gulf War.  Medical conditions will be closely monitored and soldiers will under go a battery of routine test to identify potential problems. 

          Chaplains will help them with personal and family relationship with the emphasis on communication. If soldiers do not wish to have a religious counselor or guide, behavioral health professionals will be available.

          Spouses who have been waiting for the return of the Soldiers have special programs through the chaplains and Army Community Service.


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