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Tue Jan 24, 2017
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The Key to Collecting Child Support

The Key to Collecting Child Support

Source: Army Family Publication

The Army expects soldiers to be aware of what is required of them and to fulfill their financial responsibilities to support their families. Army Regulation 608-99 outlines the soldier's responsibility. Also, chapter 3, of that regulation clearly states that it is the commander's responsibility to deal with nonsupport inquiries.

If a court order or written agreement exists, the soldier is required to pay the amount specified. Failure to comply may result in garnishment of wages. The soldier provides support until relief, modification of the court order, or the written agreement is superseded. In the absence of such documents, the minimal support requirements outlined in AR-608-99, paragraph 2-6 applies.

If the soldier fails to comply, the commander may impose punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Soldiers drawing BAQ at the with dependents rate, but not providing support, are receiving BAQ unlawfully. The chain of command will initiate action to stop the soldier's BAQ and collect past BAQ paid.

Soldiers or family members with questions should contact their Army Legal Assistance office for free legal services. Appointments are usually required for assistance with nonsupport actions.

You may also write for a copy of The Key to Collecting Child Support from U.S. Army Soldiers and Civilians, which was prepared by the Army Family Liaison Office in cooperation with the U.S. Army Legal Assistance Office. This free brochure is available by writing: Army Family Liaison Office, Asst Chief of Staff Installation Mgmt, 600 Army Pentagon, Washington, DC 20310-0600. You may also find the brochure on our homepage: (

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