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Mon Jan 23, 2017
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Why is it so important to have routine physicals?  
Routine check-ups are important because it forces you to focus on your general physical and emotional state, and discuss any questions you may have with your physician. A health professional can often detect certain medical conditions that may go unnoticed otherwise. Early detection of a disease or other medical condition can often increase the likelihood for effective treatment, and in many cases, save your life. There are a number of screening procedures and immunizations that health-care providers recommend for people to have, depending on their age, sex, and symptoms or risk factors for specific diseases. Routine physicals and immunizations are covered under most health care plans. Contact your health care provider or Military Treatment Facility (MTF) for more information.
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Question & Answer Service Providers  
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Department of Health and Human Services Publication
Local Health Clinic Verbal
Military Medical Treatment Verbal

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