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Tue Jan 24, 2017
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What hazardous materials (HAZMAT) should I be aware of in my home?  
Hazardous materials (HAZMAT) are any items that can eventually become hazardous waste when discarded improperly such as: items that contain corrosive chemicals; those that pose a fire hazard during routine handling; reactive materials which can react spontaneously if exposed to (or combined with) air, water, or other chemicals; and toxic materials that may release toxicants or poisons in sufficient quantities to pose a substantial health hazard. Some products that you may find in or around your home that are considered hazardous materials and may require special handling are: certain cleaning agents and germicides, medications, rubbing alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, batteries, paint, nail polish, fertilizer, fluids for your automobile, and insect repellants. Contact your military community’s Environmental Safety Office or the Environmental Protection Agency for more information.
Keywords: battery disposal, Safety, environmental issues, HAZMAT

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