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Sun Jan 22, 2017
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What type of things should I put in a safe deposit box or fire-proof box?  
Safe deposit boxes, available through financial institutions, and fire-proof boxes that you can keep in your own home are used to safeguard important records and valuables. An example of the things you might want to safeguard are legal documents such as your marriage and birth certificates, adoption papers, insurance policies, powers of attorney, deeds, stocks and bonds, and other important documents. You might also want to place any valuable jewelry, or things such as stamp or coin collections in such a place. Note that while it is important to put your will in a safe and accessible place, you might not want to put your will in a safe deposit box because some states may require your survivors to have a court order to allow them access to it. You should make sure that the person you appointed as your personal representative (executor) knows where your will is, or provide him/her with a signed copy.
Keywords: security, safeguarding personal documents

Question & Answer Service Providers  
Service ProviderReferenceMeans of Delivery
Army Family Team Building AFTB Level I Class
Local Banking Facilities Verbal
Private Attorney Verbal
Staff Judge Advocate Verbal

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