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Thu Jan 19, 2017
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Where can I cash a check when I relocate and my personal bank account is in another state?  
You can cash personal checks at your local AAFES facility and usually the Military Finance Office up to a certain amount. There are often checking cashing businesses that will allow you to cash personal checks, but they will often charge you a fee for doing so. You can also use Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) cards at banks other than your own to obtain money from your own bank account. However, you may incur a service charge for doing so. Many service members set up a local savings account to allow them to cash checks locally and maintain their main bank account elsewhere. Banking preferences is a personal choice, but there are many options available.
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Question & Answer Service Providers  
Service ProviderReferenceMeans of Delivery
Army Community Service Deployment Readiness Operation READY Handbook Verbal
Army Community Service Financial Readiness Verbal
Chain of Command Verbal
Chain of Concern Verbal
Chaplain Verbal
Local Banking Facilities Verbal

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