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Sun Jan 22, 2017
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What are some signs of an unhealthy relationship?  
There are a number of things that signify an unhealthy relationship such as when a partner who is overly jealous and/or possessive of you; one who won’t let your have friends; constantly checks up on you; makes you feel afraid or uncomfortable in his/her presence; withdraws or avoids you; threatens you; is violent or mistreats you; etc. Note that this list is not conclusive. However, you should question relationships with individuals who exhibit such behaviors. Seek counseling; if necessary, or if you fear your life is threatened contact your local law enforcement authority. Note that confidential professional counseling and resources are available to you through the Army One Source program. In CONUS, call 1-800-464-8107; OCONUS, call toll-free 800-464-810777 or collect at 484-530-5889. You can also visit their website at For your initial login, enter "Army" for the User ID and "onesource" for the Password.
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