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Tue Jan 24, 2017
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What is a strategic leader's role when implementing a change in the organization?  
Change is a constant, whether it is personal, societal, or organizational. Some individuals welcome or initiate change while others resist it. One of the primary goals for a strategic leader is to improve an organization. Strategic leaders strive to leave the organization better than when they arrived and with this kind of improvement comes change. Strategic leaders need to recognize that an organization’s members will probably react differently to changes introduced by them, and they should plan the changes they want to make with this in mind. One of the first things a strategic leader needs to do is embrace the change himself/herself. A leader cannot convey enthusiasm for a change that he/she does not welcome. Leaders should have a solid understanding of the organizational dynamics and introduce changes in ways that will maximize individual acceptance. For example, introducing certain changes in an organization of highly educated scientists would probably require a different method than that used to introduce changes in a high school. Because some people are skeptical about changes, it important that you find ways to make your changes seem less threatening. Getting people to understand and accept the value in the new idea will cause them to be more willing to accept the change. Recognize that individuals often go through different phases of change, from denial to acceptance. Guide individuals toward change with sensitivity and appreciation for their uncertainty. These are just a few tips on how to manage change and a leader’s role in introducing change in an organization. Learn more about this subject from the resources provided.
Keywords: organizational growth, leadership, Goals, management

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Department of Army Field Manual 22-100 Publication
Local Colleges and Universities Change Management Classes
Public and Private Training Organizations Change Management Classes
U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Management Classes

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