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Wed Jan 18, 2017
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How important is it for a leader (e.g., Family Readiness Group Leader) to be a good public speaker?  
It is are extremely important for leaders to have good written and oral communication skills, as it is often the way a leader communicates with his/her constituents that determines how supportive and participative they will be. For example, if a Family Readiness Group (FRG) leader shows very little enthusiasm when promoting FRG events and activities, there may be few individuals participating in them. Public speaking is especially useful for leaders. It can be used to gain exposure for the organization, attract new participants, gain support for issues, etc. If asked to speak publicly, take adequate time to prepare your speech or presentation, taking into consideration the target audience, the presentation location, the most current information on the topic, and the message you are trying to convey. Practice executing your presentation and time it so you keep it within your allotted time. There are many different communication resources available (books, seminars, classes, etc.) that can help improve one’s communication skills. For more information about this subject, check the references provided.
Keywords: briefing, Communication, Communications

Question & Answer Service Providers  
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Army Continuing Education System Verbal
Army Family Team Building Army Family Team Building Level III Training Outline
Local Colleges and Universities Public Speaking Classes
Toastmaster International Toastmasters' Clubs

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