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Thu Jan 19, 2017
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How should strategic leaders measure their success in their organization?  
There are many answers to this question, but the important point here is that strategic leaders (any leader, actually) should develop a method to measure his/her success. Strategic leaders are the individuals in an organization who have long-term vision and who have a key role in developing the organization's goals. Their success is typically associated with how well the organization does in reaching these goals. The tools used to measure the organization's progress in achieving these goals can also be used to measure the strategic leader's success. Other ways to measure a leader's success include surveying the members in the organization on the "corporate climate" in which they work. A leader’s success is also dependent on how well he/she manages the organization's resources (money, time, people, etc.). Learn more about effective leadership and organizational management using some of the references listed here.
Keywords: Leadership, Organizational success, leader evaluation

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Army Family Team Building Army Family Team Building Program Managers Course Outline
Department of Army Field Manual 22-100 Publication
Local Colleges and Universities Organizational Leadership Classes

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