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Sun Jan 22, 2017
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What are the benefits of contingency planning?  
Businesses often have contingency plans to follow in the event of an emergency. Contingency plans allow for business continuity by outlining procedures and activities to follow when a disaster occurs. Contingency plans can also refer to alternative arrangements an organization may have in the event that an activity they have planned cannot take place either when they scheduled it or how it was scheduled. For example, a Family Readiness Group may have picnic in the park planned for a Saturday afternoon. It might be wise to have a contingency (or back-up) plan for the picnic in case the weather doesn't cooperate. Perhaps it can be held on another pre-determined day or it can be converted into a potluck in the Family Readiness Center. Whether you are the leader of a corporation or a volunteer organization, it is wise to have contingency plans to prepare for unexpected events.
Keywords: emergency situation, Alternative Plan, back up plan

Question & Answer Service Providers  
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