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Sat Dec 10, 2016
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What kind of organizational alliances are there and how are the beneficial?  
There are a number of different types of alliances that are established among organizations. Some require formal, legal agreements such as a merger, which is a formalized union of two or more businesses or an acquisition, which is when one organization purchases another (usually complementary) organization. A strategic alliance is another type of formal partnership between two or more organizations that mutually benefit by joining together to combine their talents, skills, products/services, and other resources. This often occurs between complementary businesses that form an alliance to broaden their overall scope of operation, often to create an advantage over competing businesses. Other alliances may be more informal such as an association or network. In the business world, a network typically refers to an interconnected system of related people or organizations that serves a common goal. For example, industry-related businesses often establish a network in which they can share information and promote each other’s services. Alliances can be temporary such as with joint ventures. A joint venture is when two or more companies work together for a specific endeavor. They may combine their skills, technology, and efforts to expand the capabilities of their individual organizations for a particular project. They often disband once their project is completed. These are just a few examples of organizational alliances. Learn more about this subject from the resources listed.
Keywords: Organizational Effectiveness, Networking, Network, Alliance

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