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Mon Jan 23, 2017
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What role does an advisor to a volunteer organization play?  
An advisor’s role is to give moral support to the organization and its leaders. Typically, individuals are asked to be an advisor because of their experience or because they are in a position to obtain information or assistance for the organization. Many times, advisors serve as mentors to the group’s leaders. They may have even held some of the leadership positions others now hold and can offer advice and guidance to them. An advisor should show an interest in the activities of the group and attend meetings whenever possible. He/she should be familiar with all the laws and/or regulations that apply to the organization. An advisor’s role is to ‘advise’ – not to lead, but to listen; to share experiences that will help the group grow; to serve as a positive role model; and most importantly, to encourage independent thinking and new ideas. Advisors should avoid showing favoritism to group members; acknowledging and encouraging the contributions and talents of all group members. They should praise successful efforts and make members feel their contributions count. Note also that advisors have a public role of respect and trust. They should use this role to advance the goals of the group – never for personal advantage.
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Question & Answer Service Providers  
Service ProviderReferenceMeans of Delivery
Army Family Team Building Army Family Team Building Level III Training Outline
Army Family Team Building Army Family Team Building Senior Spouse Leadership Seminar Training Outline
Local Colleges and Universities Organizational Leadership Classes
Public and Private Training Organizations Mentoring Classes
U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy Sergeants Major Academy Spouse Program
U.S. Army War College Spouse Battle Book

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