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Sat Jan 21, 2017
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How important is it to appropriately match volunteer talents and interests to community needs?  
Assigning volunteers to positions that match their skills and interest is very important. There are many reasons why individuals volunteer. They may want to fill a void in their lives or perhaps they just want to support their community. In any case, most volunteers will not remain volunteers if they don’t get some kind of satisfaction out of their work. Paid employees often have to perform tasks that they don’t want to do, but your volunteers are not getting paid. While professional volunteers also recognize the need to do some of the less “glamorous” work at times, it is in a leader’s best interest to try to match a volunteer’s skills and interest to the right volunteer position in order to keep them coming back. Additionally, it is important for a volunteer’s roles and responsibilities to be clearly defined. Volunteers should also be evaluated for their performance and recognized for their efforts. Learn more about volunteer management from the resources provided.
Keywords: Leadership, Resource Management, Volunteers

Question & Answer Service Providers  
Service ProviderReferenceMeans of Delivery
Army Community Service Department of the Army Pamphlet 608-28 Handbook on Volunteers in Army Community Service Verbal
Army Community Service The Army Family Readiness Group Leader's Handbook Publication
Army Family Team Building Army Family Team Building Level II Training Outline
Boy Scouts of America Volunteer Management Classes
Federal Government Website Internet
Girl Scouts of the USA Volunteer Management Classes
Installation Volunteer Coordinator Department of the Army Pamphlet 608-28 Handbook on Volunteers in Army Community Service Verbal
Public and Private Training Organizations Volunteer Management Classes

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