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Wed Jan 18, 2017
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How should leaders counsel their staff or group members on what they've done wrong?  
Providing feedback to your employees or group members is important. Although providing positive feedback is much easier, there are times when negative feedback is necessary. In order for negative feedback to be effective, it is important that you do it privately. Avoid embarrassing the individual in public. If possible, address problems as soon as you become aware of them. Be specific and focus on the behavior or the performance. Do not “attack” the individual. If possible, identify aspects of the individual’s behavior or performance that are positive and use the discussion to focus on how he/she can improve. Help him/her develop a plan of action and establish a method for measuring the individual’s progress. Negative feedback does not have to be unpleasant. It can be used as a basis to develop clearer directions and a plan for improvement. The discussion that takes place can also be used to assess the individual’s resources and address training requirements. These are just a few tips for delivering negative feedback to individuals. Learn more about counseling and coaching techniques from the resources provided.
Keywords: Communication, personnel evaluation, Communications, Feedback

Question & Answer Service Providers  
Service ProviderReferenceMeans of Delivery
Army Continuing Education System Facilitating, Leadership and Group Skills Training Outline (FLAGS)
Army Family Team Building Army Family Team Building Senior Spouse Leadership Seminar Training Outline
Local Colleges and Universities Facilitating, Leadership and Group Skills Training Outline (FLAGS)
Public and Private Training Organizations Evaluation and Feedback Classes
U.S. Army War College Spouse Battle Book

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