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Mon Jan 23, 2017
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How do build rapport within a group or organization?  
As a leader, it’s important to build a rapport with others in your organization in order for you to earn their respect and support. It’s also important for a group’s members to build a rapport with one other. This is often referred to as “team building.” There are a number of different team building exercises you can do to help group members get to know each other, and develop mutual trust and understanding. Team building exercises or icebreakers are games that allow for group interaction where the focus is on something fun and usually unrelated to the group’s purpose. One example of this kind of activity is one in which members are divided into several groups and each group is given a particular problem to solve. This might be a written story listing a number of different items that the group is supposed to pretend they are left with on a desert island. They are tasked to work together to develop a plan on how they would use these items to get back to the mainland. Another activity might include giving each group a certain number of materials and asked to work together to create something specific like a new design for an automobile. Many businesses hold annual picnics or have interoffice athletic games. These activities also allow employees to build a rapport with one another because it allows them to put their work aside and get to know each other better on a personal level. These kinds of activities forces group interaction and help group members form a relationship. Check with some of the references provided for more information.
Keywords: Leadership, team building, communication

Question & Answer Service Providers  
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Army Continuing Education System
Army Family Team Building Army Family Team Building Level II Training Outline
Army Family Team Building Army Family Team Building Senior Spouse Leadership Seminar Training Outline
Local Colleges and Universities Organizational Dynamics Classes
Public and Private Training Organizations Team Building Classes

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