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Tue Jan 17, 2017
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How much interaction with one’s superiors should a leader have when making risky decisions?  
When faced with risky decisions, a leader should rely on his/her own knowledge, experience, and judgment – unless the decision is out of his/her area of responsibility. Seeking clarification or advice from one’s superiors or other subject matter experts is appropriate. However, leaders are expected to make tough decisions. As noted in Chapter 5 of FM 22-100: Direct Leadership Actions, “Ask only for decisions that fall outside your scope of authority—not those you want to avoid. Forward only problems you can’t fix—not those whose solutions are just difficult. Ask for advice from others with more experience or seek clarification when you don’t understand what’s required. Do all that and exercise disciplined initiative within your boss’s intent.”
Keywords: risk management, decision making, dealing with risk, problem solving

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